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Minecraft: Cool New Skins.

2012/04/14 14:11

Hi everyone! Yesterday I heard that my neighbour had an account on minecraft but she didn't have a girls skin yet so I decided to give her a skin. So I found some nice skins and everything was going perfectly until I found out I had given myself my friends skin by accident. I then had to get myself another skin but sadly the one I wanted didn't work so I had to choose another one with blue eyes instead of brown,a red top and red sneakers.But today I found out that I could edit my skins. Now I have some pictures of me.

Picture of Me on the Balcony with my New Skins

Picture of Me Flying with my New Skins

A few days ago I found that in a 2 block high pool with slabs so its like 1 and a 1/2 blocks high is perfect height! See...

Picture of my swimming pool


Christina Coco Cheshire

2012/04/08 15:33

Chrissy (Christina Coco Cheshire) is my favourite sylvanian of all time. She makes clothes for the boutique and recently became a fashion model, modelling her own outfits. She thought that it would be a good start for her buisiness if I took a few photos of her modelling and sewing for Children. Here are some snapshots of Chrissy doing her thing.

Chrissy's 1st pic

Chrissy's 2nd pic

Chrissy's 3rd pic

Chrissy's 4th pic


Minecraft Interior Design

2012/04/08 11:14

This is my Minecraft bedroom. I used an enchantment table as a bedside table.

Minecraft Bedroom

This is the wardrobe I made from chests and doors. Its really simple and you can actually store stuff in them!

A picture of the minecraft wardrobe

Next is the office which is the room next to the bedroom. I used a pressure plate for the keyboard and a painting for the screen.

A picture of the minecraft office

This is a close up of the drawers I made using signs.

The Drawers

Just copy this onto a sign to make your own drawer.


Here is the penthouse, a nice place to look at the view and stay warm with the pets.

The PentHouse

Now for the couch that I made from signs and sandstone slabs.

The Couch


Title goes here

2012/04/07 12:41

This is another test post to make sure everything is OK.


Test Post

2012/04/07 11:56

This is some test text to see if we have the fancy fonts on the blog.


Bored and Sick.

2012/03/17 11:51

Yeah, I know its awful. I have a cold which means that I bump into things a lot so that I'm sore all over. And yes I do know its St. Patrick's day. Now for the happy part:The news update.

1.Nail Polish Painting for sylvanian accesories.

2.And..............lots of new posts! (not really)

First off we have our nail polish painting for sylvanian accessories. You know when you buy a sylvanian piece that you think is great and then you find out that it isn't the same color as it is on the box.I got the caravan for my birthday. The stew pot thingy had a lovely shade of green on the box but when I opened it....it looked like well .......GLOOP!!!!!!Well I just hate painting! I mean I really HATE it! I think its because the paint crackles all the time and always feels dry and yuck, well I just found out that nail polish does NOT do that. You see I could paint it and then gloss it but I'm to lazy to do that. (Obviously). Well here is a photo, after all, The proof is in the ...em...stew!

 Told you! Just look at that shine!


Bazillions of Blogs!

2012/02/29 19:09

In the past few days I found LOADS of great blogs that I would recommend. All you have to do is scroll down the menu while looking at the side bar and you will most likely find them there...hiding. Christina (My sylvanian cat) told me to keep the visitors on my site so she convinced me to hide the links somewhere where nobody would find them...hopefully her computer lessons haven't taught her how to hide things! If they did she would probably have let everyone know .She can be a bit ...boastful sometimes, it went like this when she learnt to touch type:

Her: Ahem! AHEM! AAAHHHEEEMM! Can everyone hear me??

Me:Yes Chrissy. (Searching in my school bag for a book I need)


Me: I am, I am, I am. Just tell me what it is for goodness sake!

Her: LOOK AT ME!!!!

Me: Do I have to??

Her: Don't be silly!

Me: Okay, Okay what is it Chrissy?


Me: Yeah that's GREAT

Her: Being sarcastic is mean you know. Anyway I can touch type and you can't.

Me:Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Her Mom: Chrissy get in here this moment and feed Charlotte. The poor girl is starved.

Her: The giant is being mean again!

Her Mom: Christina, get in here this minute, feed your little sister while I apologise to the giant and get on my nice dress for the meeting tonight. Sorry giant!

Me: Its fine.

Her Mom: like a cookie?? I've just baked some.

Me: Ye...


Her Mom: Feed your sister NOW!

and that is what happens when Christina learnt something new!


Shellfish Poisoning???

2012/02/19 11:31

SO SO FUNNY!!  Please click the image if you can't see the writing.


I'd like the summer dust repellant. But I don't think I'll risk the shellfish poisoning!!!

Click here to go to the web page.It is Hilarious!! :-p


The Secret Of Charlotte.

2012/02/19 09:59

I think you might have heard of my sylvanian baby, Charlotte. You are probably wondering why I brought up the 'sylvanian that wears a hat all the time'. Well its time I let people know why she wears a hat. You see it all began when I was 8 years old.

One dull October day me and my friend were playing sylvanians. We were playing with Charlotte (who used to be called Hannah) when my mum said it was time for lunch. My friend had to leave because it we were going somewhere after lunch and there was no point in letting her play sylvanians by herself in my house. I picked up all the sylvanians except Charlotte, who at the time had ears and was an adorable bunny. I thought that my friend had picked up her. I ran into the kitchen for lunch and forgot to close the playroom door behind me. I ate lunch and went to the place (I forgot where it was and what it was called). When I cam home I went to bed because it was late and the next morning I woke up to see a bit of broken plastic on the window sill.She had been attacked by the white wolf of Sylvania (my dog Harley). I picked it up and cried because that little scrap of plastic was...Charlotte. I cried for almost 2 hours but then my Nana came. She was very sad and sympathetic since she loved my sylvanians almost as much as I did and she was the one who bought Charlotte for me when I was 6 (I am 10 now). She helped me make a cute little hat for her. I think Charlotte liked it because she got so much attention and the comfiest bed to sleep in as well as billions of toys. Everything was great for her until I turned 8 and a 1/2. I was playing sylvanians and I went to play on the green when I came back she was gone. She was lost for a year and during that year I bought a new sylvanian who was going to be her sister. I was terrified that Charlotte was lost and I searched all over the house for her.At one point I thought she had been eaten or thrown in the bin. But the week I forgot about her we just happened to have a clean out of the playroom. I found her in a box full of dust so I decided to give her a little cleaning before the found party. And that is why Charlotte is my favorite sylvanian EVER!


Maybe one more....

2012/02/19 09:10

I am one of those people that say 'Ok this is the LAST sylvanian building I will ever buy' and then two days later say 'Oh, well maybe it would be nice if I got a cottage for this sylvanian because these are all squashed together'. Then 5 days after say 'OK this cottage won't be complete without a café... but it will be the VERY LAST ONE' and a week later say 'Oh I just can't let the poor sylvanians not have a school'  Then 3 weeks later say 'OK this is my VERY VERY LAST BUILDING' . I keep the promise for about 2 months then say 'Oh these are REALLY squished together... they really need a new house but THIS WILL BE THE LAST ONE I EVER BUY'. On Christmas then I think to myself ' Well I didn't say that I couldn't get something for Christmas. Uck I can't fit it here....so THIS WILL BE MY LAST HOUSE EVER'. I've kept the promise to myself for a month but just started to think about a place for the waitress to live while she is not in the café or minding Charlotte  (Not many people visit the café unless its a special occasion so Marion has to to a bit of childminding). I was thinking of letting her live in my old sewing box but its a SEWING BOX not a house and she might prick herself on one of the pins I left there.... some of them are so small I can't pick them up. They are the ones I use for making sylvanian clothes.


I've Gone Origami Mad!!!

2012/02/04 13:43

Yip! That's right... here's the proof:

The leather is actually paper! This is just one of my origami projects.

And its in an Origami box (the lid isn't). What is a shoe if it doesn't have a box?

The playpen is also origami! Are you having a good time in there, Donna?

This handy little origami box is full with all the things you need to write letters!

Another little box I have made and again its... you guessed it 'ORIGAMI'!!!!

Click here to go to the website that I got the boxes in!


Have a Tour!

2012/02/02 19:13

Our second house tour! I want to keep record on this so that I can do a before and after. I will be writing down all the changes I made in the house so that everybody else will find it very easy to make theirs. This is a little plan I have that will hopefully by next year make doing up a dollhouse an easy job for everyone! Although I will leave some things up to the maker themselves so that everyone can use their imagination. After all it is much more fun when you know what to do but a bit of it yourself than when you are following all these long boring instructions. Now let me stop blabbering and instead let me show you 'Rosemary Cottage'!!!


Cozy yet spacious!!


Its always warm and merry in here. Can you smell maids beautiful cooking? I can.

The bought side of the kitchen. Everything here is bought (and delivered from Santa)

The stove and table are from a little dollhouse I got when I was younger but everything else is made be ME! Who wants curry? Or maybe salad or bolognese or CAKE!!!

 This room is half laundry room half kitchen! Can you see Harley's food under the table?

The bedroom

This is where the parents, Chloe and Charley sleep. Its definitely not as nice as the girls room but the parents do have a cozy blanket.

The bundle of clothes is as tall as the maid Cassandra! Most of them are bought but some are homemade!

The Girls (Amazing) Bedroom!

A bit of a blurry photo but its a lovely room! Can you see Charlotte down there with her blankets over her? She is camera shy so she wanted to hide under her blankets while I took the picture!

This is the girls breakfast, it looks DELICIOUS!!!! You can see Christina's book 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' made by me as well as her phone!

Here is a proper view of the wallpaper! I think its really pretty, do you?? You can see Harley here with his shoe. Who else heard that sylvanians had sylvanians? My sylvanians love sylvanians too!

Can you see Christina peeping out behind the table? I think I will have to find her more cover. Or maybe she is just pulling down her pillow to see the camera, she definitely isn't camera shy so it is possible.

The jewel on the necklace looks SO REALISTIC!!! Look at the way it shines...and shines!

Christina's pretty little dressing table. It is only party make up for girls here so NO INTRUDERS!!!!

Christina's bed is finally a private place!! YIPPEE! She loves all her dolls including the D.I.Y. one (You will learn how to make this by going to the D.I.Y. Doll Stuff part of my blog.).

Back home!

 Sadly your tour is over and you have to leave through the door that is STILL decorated in an X-mas wreath!

A Birds Eye View!

Just to give you a birds eye view of the house! Maid is finding it difficult to manage the kitchen with the camera around...she just burnt two cupcakes, a curry and a roll! Just don't get loud about it because she will get upset and well....you don't want to know or see or most importantly HEAR her. (She cries and screams like I don't know what)


Animal Crossing City Folk Review!

2012/01/31 20:51

OK today I am going to write a review on animal crossing. I am going to have pics and lots of comments on them. Here we go:

OK this looks normal but wait look at our next pic.

OK things are starting to smell a bit fishy!! Isn't he supposed to own a museum full of them??

OK no need to deafen my model ( That would NOT be handy).  Bad museum keeper!!

Did he say WRETCH!!! I don't think the mayor, Tortimer would like to hear that!!

Lets see what is so scary about insects! The ladybug and butterfly seem fine to me...

and so do these butterflies...

AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Look at those giant beetles!!!!

(Takes deep breath) My model refused to stay any longer and wanted to show you fishies!! That's a lot nicer (Hopefully)

Look at that frog. Everything is so cute in here...

 I definitely spoke too early!!! Sorta' freaky if you ask me. I am starting to dislike this museum.

Awww! His sister is adorable (and has good taste,I like that carpet). I love this place!!!

My model is delighted that she can talk to this owl. She has changed her mind about the museum too!

So far things are good but a bit creepy!! I loved that girl owl and so did my model. We are having a coffee break with her, we'll be back tomorrow!!



Catch up!

2012/01/24 20:48

OK !! My camera has been lost for quite a while now and I just found it in its BAG!! Why didn't I think of that?? I searched EVERYWHERE except that bag.  So now its time to show off some of my projects.


I would have put another section into this post but unfortunately it broke just before I found my camera so I will have to wait a while. Anyway the next thing I'll do is show you their shoebox dollhouse.



New Followers?!?!

2011/12/27 21:11

This evening I found the girls looking at a post about them. Here they are...

They seem interested in the photo of them instead of the actual blog...

I don't think Christina realizes that she doesn't have an e-mail address... At least I dont think she does...



Here Come The Girls...

2011/12/27 19:44

Here come the girls in their best clothing. I am not sure what they are doing but they keep on looking up as if a fashion helicopter will come and take their pictures for the magazine. That didn't happen though but the next best thing happened I came along and took their pictures to put on my blog. Christina (The Cat) began whinging about something that sounded like 'hurry up and take a picture or we'll never be famous'. The second the boutique opened they were in the door reading magazines and testing perfumes. Oh yes the boutique opened on Christmas day. Claire (The bunny) began to borrow things immediately since she didn't have enough money to buy things. Christina was more interested in the magazines since she could easily make those things for herself. Here are the two girls in their new clothes...

Christina's dress is bought but her cardigan is handmade and so is her extravagant hat!

Claire's dress is bought but her necklace, ribbon, shoes, basket and everything inside it is borrowed including the fashion magazine. The girls insisted on taking another picture in black and white because it looked 'SO elegant' so here is the photo...

It took a long time for the girls to convince me to do black and white since being so small they had to bang the buttons on the camera to show me two photos I had taken before. Well one was normal and the other was black and white so it was like a before and after thing. Here are the photos they showed me...


And After.

It worked in the flower photos but not in the girls photo since in the flower photo the lighting was wrong and I was in a rush but in the girls photo that isn't the case.The girls want to show you their teddies and bonnets I made so I guess I will show you before they get the fork back...(14 minutes later) sorry about that me and the girls had an argument about whether or not they should wear the other accessories.  In the end I won and took this picture before they ran off to the boutique to get changed into their fancy things...

Not the best photo but what can you expect when you take a photo at night without any equipment. See you later!!



2011/12/23 10:34

OK my favorite sylvanians do not have the slightest idea that they are getting a surprise as well as their presents that they asked for and my other sylvanians and my brother's Lego have no idea that they are getting presents too. I am giving my brother three little teddy bears to share between all his Lego. I made eight teddies for my sylvanians and they are adorable. These are mine...

Adorable!!! The three in the left front are my brother's ones and all the others are for me. There are teddy dogs and teddy bears.  The big ones are dogs and the small ones are bears. Doesn't make much sense does it?!?! I just did it because the big ones were easier to make sit. The stripy green one is very boyish compared to the fluffy little pink ones. But please do not tell any single one of the sylvanians this or else ...



2011/12/12 21:01

Christmas Whhoooooooooo Can't wait!!!


The Counting!

2011/12/12 20:58

Last Sunday I decided to do a sort of sylvanian fair so I threw all my sylvanians into a tiny cardboard box and threw the adults out of the box. I put them all into their original clothes and named all my new ones. It went something like this ''Elizabeth, hmmm oh yeah Sandra''      I have a very bad memory and remembering names are not my talent.  Next I swapped around their clothes and made sure that they looked fab. Next it was the children's chance to be organized.  Next I gave the orphans things to wear since they had nothing before. Now some of them have three outfits each. After all this I shared out the other spare clothes and everybody was smiling once again. Just before I packed them away I counted them. 28!!!! I had twelve last time I counted which was last month! Yikes no more figures for me. You know that post that I had a while ago about the X-mas presents well I added something because my dad said I might be sad on the day that I didn't have much presents. I have added the dress shop to my list and now my sylvanians can have their wedding that they were planning for a year ! They got engaged last year and will be getting married a week after X-mas. Please wish them luck. Here is the dress shop I am getting...

Isn't it adorable!?!


Origami Bags!!!

2011/12/05 18:12

Ok last night I got bored so I started messing up my room trying to find something to do. I found a stick with a long rainbow ribbon and danced through the hall with it keeping it high so Harley couldn't get it. After about five minutes of this I got bored and threw it into a corner and started messing more stuff up until I found a bag full of ELASTIC!!!!!! I got really excited and tried to find something to sew it onto. After a while I got tired and my arms began to hurt from all the spiky bits of cardboard and the weight of  a big box so I got onto my bed read a book and had a snooze. I woke up fifteen minutes later all because of a cat sitting on the wall meowing at Harley. I decided to do something with my paper fashion books so I got them and an origami book out and began wondering and whispering to myself until I decided that I would make a bag for my sylvanians. I folded it out and glammed it up with butterfly paper and beads and this is the result.

It looks like leather but it is just plain paper with a design on it.You can put things in it and it is perfect size for sylvanians. I didn't follow the instructions in the book because it was too small for the instructions. Here is another picture from more of a distance.

This is the size of it on an adult sylvanian.