Bored and Sick.

2012/03/17 11:51

Yeah, I know its awful. I have a cold which means that I bump into things a lot so that I'm sore all over. And yes I do know its St. Patrick's day. Now for the happy part:The news update.

1.Nail Polish Painting for sylvanian accesories.

2.And..............lots of new posts! (not really)

First off we have our nail polish painting for sylvanian accessories. You know when you buy a sylvanian piece that you think is great and then you find out that it isn't the same color as it is on the box.I got the caravan for my birthday. The stew pot thingy had a lovely shade of green on the box but when I opened looked like well .......GLOOP!!!!!!Well I just hate painting! I mean I really HATE it! I think its because the paint crackles all the time and always feels dry and yuck, well I just found out that nail polish does NOT do that. You see I could paint it and then gloss it but I'm to lazy to do that. (Obviously). Well here is a photo, after all, The proof is in the ...em...stew!

 Told you! Just look at that shine!