Minecraft: Cool New Skins.

2012/04/14 14:11

Hi everyone! Yesterday I heard that my neighbour had an account on minecraft but she didn't have a girls skin yet so I decided to give her a skin. So I found some nice skins and everything was going perfectly until I found out I had given myself my friends skin by accident. I then had to get myself another skin but sadly the one I wanted didn't work so I had to choose another one with blue eyes instead of brown,a red top and red sneakers.But today I found out that I could edit my skins. Now I have some pictures of me.

Picture of Me on the Balcony with my New Skins

Picture of Me Flying with my New Skins

A few days ago I found that in a 2 block high pool with slabs so its like 1 and a 1/2 blocks high is perfect height! See...

Picture of my swimming pool