The Counting!

2011/12/12 20:58

Last Sunday I decided to do a sort of sylvanian fair so I threw all my sylvanians into a tiny cardboard box and threw the adults out of the box. I put them all into their original clothes and named all my new ones. It went something like this ''Elizabeth, hmmm oh yeah Sandra''      I have a very bad memory and remembering names are not my talent.  Next I swapped around their clothes and made sure that they looked fab. Next it was the children's chance to be organized.  Next I gave the orphans things to wear since they had nothing before. Now some of them have three outfits each. After all this I shared out the other spare clothes and everybody was smiling once again. Just before I packed them away I counted them. 28!!!! I had twelve last time I counted which was last month! Yikes no more figures for me. You know that post that I had a while ago about the X-mas presents well I added something because my dad said I might be sad on the day that I didn't have much presents. I have added the dress shop to my list and now my sylvanians can have their wedding that they were planning for a year ! They got engaged last year and will be getting married a week after X-mas. Please wish them luck. Here is the dress shop I am getting...

Isn't it adorable!?!