V.I.S. Chairs!

2011/11/16 11:58

OK! Today I am going to show you how to make chairs out of the cardboard piece of kitchen roll.All you need is fabric,scissors,a needle,a spool of thread and the cardboard part inside the kitchen roll.Make sure to read over the instructions before making your chair.Also check out the picture in the end or you might end up sewing the wrong thing.

  1. Cut the kitchen roll to the height you want.It should be a bit higher than an adult sylvanian.
  2. Now cut a square out of the top it should look like this.
  3. Now lets start sewing a cushion.It has to be a circle that fits the chair.You can put the the cushion in the end of the chair and pull it out the top of the chair,you should have to squish the cushion a bit.If it fits through easily its too small.
  4. Now wrap some fabric around the end of the chair.Now sew the two ends of the fabric together.
  5. Sew the cushion on to the round part you have just sewn.When its on the cardboard.
  6. Get some more fabric and wrap it around the top part,now sew all the pieces together.
  7. Tadah your finished.It should look like this.