Pixenate Bookmarklets

Some handy bookmarks to make editing photos easier

Drag and drop any of these bookmarklets on to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. When you want to edit a photo on the web, click on the bookmarklet to begin.

  Use this bookmarklet to...
Import to Pixenate ...launch the Pixenate online photo editor.
Heart-shaped cut-out ...create a heart-shaped cutout from the photo.
Add Snowflakes ...automatically add snowflakes to the photo.
Rotate 90° ...automatically rotate the photo clockwise.
Add speech bubbles ...start adding speech bubbles to the photo.
Enhance Photo ...automatically enhance the photo.
Fix Under-Exposed Photo ...automatically brighten the photo.
Remove Red-eye ...start removing red-eye from the photo.
Add Text ...Add text to the photo.

Not sure how bookmarklets work? Try them out on this page (or any web page which contains photos). Once you've added the bookmarklets to your browser's toolbar, click on one of them and you should be able to begin editing the photo below...