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Pixenate comes with documentation to guide you through installing, customizing and programming Pixenate. The documentation comes with lots of working examples and code to get you started. The documenation is also availabe online.

Installation Guide

The installation guide takes you step by step through the process of installing Pixenate on Windows and Unix operating systems. It also describes how to configure your webserver for use with Pixenate. Instructions are provided for...

  1. Apache (Windows & Unix)
  2. Microsoft Internet Information Server
  3. Tomcat J2EE application server

The installation guide is available at the following address...

Customization Guide

The Customization Guide is for those who want to do more than just change logos and buttons. It is a detailed guide to creating a new Pixenate Theme from scratch and is a companion to the API Reference Guide. The customization guide contains lots of example code and links to working examples. It is available at the following address...

API Reference

The API reference is a detailed guide to Pixenate's Javascript API. Each of the photo-filters are described and examples of customizing behaviour using Pixenate custom event listeners are provided. The API Reference is available at the following address...

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