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Pixenate™ comes with many features to make photo-editing easy for non-experts. Pixenate provides tools for fixing the most common problems people encounter with their photos. Easy to use tools are provided for removing Red-Eye, Whitening Teeth, Brightening under-exposed photos ( a common problem with cameraphones ) and other problems.

Pixenate is an ideal solution for Social Networking and other community-driven and photo-merchandising websites.



The crop tool lets users crop their photos to their own size or a size predefined by you. Crop settings are completely configurable. If you offer prints and products in predefined sizes, the crop tool can be easily configured to match your print and product dimensions.


The zoom tool lets you magnify or reduce the visible area of the photo.


The rotate tool lets you rotate, flip/mirror vertically and horizontally and rotate a photo by an arbitrary amount (for example to fix the horizon on crooked photos).


Change photo dimensions using the resize tool. Many themes offer the option of preserving the photo's original aspect ratio.

Full Undo & Redo

If you make a mistake, you can always roll back to the previous version of the image. Pixenate supports full Undo and Redo.

Autofix Colors

No more washed out colors. The Autofix Colors tools makes colors pop and restores color balance.


Perfect for removing Facial lines and creases. The Enhance tool smooths out blemishes in photos.

Fill Flash

Brighten up under-exposed photos without degrading photo quality. The fill-flash tool is perfect for photos taken using camera-phones.

Manual Color Adjustment

Fine-tune photos using sliders for Brightness, Saturation, Hue and Contrast.


The transparency tool lets you make opaque backgrounds transparent - Ideal for separating foreground and background images.

Extensible photo-editing.

Pixenate uses a plugin architecture so if there is a tool or effect which isn't already present in Pixenate you can create new effects/tools and add them to Pixenate.

Overlays: Borders, Speech-bubbles & Clip-Art

The Overlay tool lets your users personalize their photos, so they can create personalized photo gifts. This tool can be used to add speech bubbles, clip-art or decorative borders to photos. It can also be used to superimpose one photo on top of another.

You can use Pixenate in combination with your own clipart library. Pixenate's Overlay tool will work with any .JPG, .GIF or .PNG image.

Freehand Drawing

Freehand Drawing lets users get creative with photos, letting them enhance and personalize their photos by drawing using any combination of colors and brush sizes to really make photos personal and special.

Add Special Effects.

Converting color photos to black and white is a one-click operation. Users can Sepia-tone their photos using a color of their choice or one preselected by your website. Additional Special effects available are...

  • Oilify - Turn photos into oil-paintings.
  • Charcoal - Turn photos into charcoal drawings
  • Interlace - Add TV scan lines to photos
  • Lomoize - Make any photo that much more dramatic by adding shadowy corners and saturated colors.
  • Graduated Tints - Mimic the effect of a Lens Filter. This tool can make dull grey skies look deep blue.

Cosmetic Improvements.

Red-Eye removal is probably the most important cosmetic feature in Pixenate. Red-Eye is a common problem with indoor photography. Pixenate's Red-Eye removal tool makes it easy for users to remove red-eye with just a few mouse clicks.Teeth-Whitening is another useful cosmetic plugin provided by Pixenate. The Teeth-whitening tool lets users whiten off-color teeth with natural-looking end results.

Bandwidth-Efficient Photo-Editing.

Pixenate's B.E.E.P plugin lets users edit high-resolution photos using a low-resolution version of the photo. All changes performed on the low-resolution photo can be applied to the high-resolution equivalent using the BEEP plugin.

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