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Pixenate can be embedded in any existing photo sharing or social networking website.

What is Pixenate ?

For photo-sharing, online-classifieds and other community-driven websites striving to monetise their photo inventory, Pixenate™ offers powerful photo-editing tools that foster creativity and stimulate purchases of custom photo products. Pixenate is a self-hosted solution which means it is software you can install on your own webserver. Pixenate is fully customizable so you can change any aspect of Pixenate's appearance to suit your own website's unique identity. Pixenate comes with a powerful fully-documented API so you can also change it's behaviour if you so wish. Pixenate's appearance can be changed by adapting any one of the many Themes (or skins) which are provided. Pixenate requires no browser plugins or additional downloads for your users so they can quickly get creative with their photos.

What does Pixenate do ?

Pixenate makes photo-centric websites more useful by embedding simple photo-editing directly in your website. Pixenate increases repeat visits to your website and makes photo-centric websites stickier. Your users may already use your website for uploading, storing, sharing or printing photos. Adding Pixenate to your website allows your users to edit those photos too. Whether it's social networking, photo merchandising or online classifieds, people want to show their photos in the best possible light. Pixenate helps non-experts get the most out of their photos by providing powerful but simple-to-use photo-editing tools.

Pixenate is particularly well suited for photo-merchandising websites and offers powerful tools for cropping and overlaying photos on to product templates such as cards, calendars and mugs.

What do I need to run Pixenate ?

Pixenate supports all of the major browsers. IE (6.0+), Firefox, Safari & Opera.


A Web Server. Any web server that supports CGI will do. The installation guide provides step-by-step instructions for using Pixenate™ with Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server), Apache Web Server and Tomcat J2EE Application Server. If your Web server doesn't already have it, you must install Perl (version 5.8.6 or later). There is a freely available distribution of Perl for Windows at www.ActiveState.com. Pixenate uses the Open Source ImageMagick graphics library which is available for free at www.ImageMagick.org.

If your webserver/hosting provider uses Linux or Unix, your server may already have all of the required software, but just to be sure you can download the Pixenate Server Compatibility Kit.

Download Pixenate Server Compatibility Kit (.ZIP file)

Unzip it, upload and run it on your webserver to ensure you have all of the required software. If you have any queries about using Pixenate on your web server, send an email to sales@sxoop.com.

What environments does Pixenate support ?

Pixenate supports JSP, PHP and ASP. All of the sample themes provided with the Pixenate product are supplied as JSP, PHP and ASP files, so you can integrate Pixenate into your webserver regardless of which development environment you use.

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