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We're really proud of Pixenate. We think it's the best self-hosted online photo editor, but don't just take our word for it. This is what our customers have to say about Pixenate ...

Pixenate is an incredible script that our web design clientele love. I wanted to thank Walter for all his assistance and support. I am not web coding expert and he made my job much simpler. We now possess an incredible tool for all our web design customers in Sydney. Thank you for the assistance!

Brent Yorzinski, Brand Manager - The Web Showroom

Easy integration and great support. We were up and running Pixenate in less than a day!

Ivan Mitrovic - Where.com

When Kadoo needed to find a powerful, flexible, customizable toolkit to enable our users to edit their photos online, Pixenate delivered. Even beyond the excellent application delivered to us, the support has been phenomenal. I make build or buy decisions every day, and this one of those libraries that I know we made the right choice.

Daniel Cane, CTO Kadoo.com

Powerful image editing suite and amazing support. Pixenate saved us time and money!

Jimmy Zhen - Katera Group

I found Pixenate very easy to use and all the image operations are quite fast. I was able to add extra functionality to Pixenate without any difficulty because of the open source API it uses. I would definitely recommend it as the #1 online photo editor which can easily integrate with any web site.

Madhavi Damera - Polo Ralph Lauren

We are very satisfied with Pixenate - Actually, I haven't been so happy about a piece of software for a long time.

Menno de Wit - Filmkluis.nl

MyPhotoAlbum could not be happier with Pixenate! It allows our members to truly enhance and edit their photos right from the web. Plus, support is fantastic and the upgrades continue to impress us.

Jessy Hanley, Director of Photo Services MyPhotoAlbum.com

Excellent support and software package. Pixenate will allow the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service to offer photo editing capabilities to our clientele located throughout the State of Kentucky.

Steven Garner - University of Kentucky

Top notch support, easy installation, and a great price. Truly a best of breed in my book.

William Gilligan - GilliganOnline.com

For our customers, iWeb has chosen Pixenate as a flexible, customizable and powerful online image editor. We have searched during a long time the best solution on the web and we have found the Sxoop software. A really great integration with our projects and Pixenate will be used by more than a thousand customers each day. Also, the technical support is incredible! They help us to integrate the software with our systems and suggested a great solution.

Jean-Philippe Rivard Lauzier - iWeb Hosting

Pixenate has been very helpful in speeding up the picture processing on our website.

Randy Johnston - HighSchoolAlums.com

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