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Pixenate: A customizable Photo Editor

Pixenate is designed for customization. Every aspect of the editor's appearance can be changed to suit your requirements. We've made it easy for you to integrate Pixenate into your website by providing a set of sample Themes which you can use as-is or as a baseline for your own custom Theme. We also provide a Photo-editing Toolbar which can be just dropped in-place into an existing photo page. The Pixenate Toolbar is the quickest no-fuss way to integrate Pixenate into your website. Each Theme is provided in .PHP, .JSP and .ASP source code format. You can click on each of the thumbnail images below to try out each theme for yourself.

Available Themes


The Slick theme is the theme you see at Pixenate.com. Most of the editing tools available in the Pixenate API are exposed for use in this Theme. The Slick theme features Tooltips, a large colorful tool palette and placeholders for your own Company Logo and Banner Ads.


Guernica has a User Interface which should be familiar to users of desktop photo-editing software.


The Barcelona Theme uses Yahoo's javascript UI Library to provide richer UI controls. This theme uses Dialogs, sliders and advanced color pickers to provide a desktop-like experience for users.

Pixenate Toolbar

The Pixenate Toolbar is the simplest and most convenient way to integrate Pixenate into your photo website. Once you've installed Pixenate on your webserver, just copy and paste a snippet of javascript code into any photo page and your users can edit the photo in place. The Pixenate Toolbar makes adding photo-editing to your site as easy as adding Google Adsense and other Web Widgets.

Memphis (and Hi-Res)

Memphis is a simple theme offering basic editing tools. The Hi-Res theme (which is based on Memphis) uses Pixenate's BEEP plugin to edit Hi-res photos using low-res versions of the photo.


The CardMaker Theme demonstrates how to use Pixenate to create greeting Cards. Users can choose from a set of greeting cards, enhance, crop and place their photos to fit the cards using a wizard-like interface.


The grandfather of Pixenate Themes. Default offers a subset of the tools available in the Slick Theme.

Build your own Theme

If you can't find a Theme suited to you, further examples are provided as part of the documentation. The Pixenate™ Customization Guide takes you step by step through the process of creating a new custom Theme from scratch. Or why not take inspiration from our Pixenate Facebook Application: A perfect example of how Pixenate™ can be integrated seamlessly into an existing website.

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